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Transformational Breath® Class Tuesdays 7pm

Offer Valid: 04/19/2022 - 04/24/2023
Join Mary for this powerful Breath class. Every Tuesday night at 7pm
♥️Transformational Breath® is a unique form of breathwork that assists us in creating an open, healthy breath. It works by facilitating the natural healing process of the body as we learn to use the diaphragm for oxygenation, detoxification and relaxation.
🌟 Feel more connected
🌟Improve energy levels
🌟Reduces worry and stress
🌟Boosts immunity
🌟Clears past traumas and dramas
🌟Enhances awareness of self-
sabotaging patterns
🌟Relieves negative emotions and anxiety
🌟Improves self-esteem
🌟Allows fuller expression of love
and joy
This is a 90 min IN PERSON group class. Please RSVP and bring 2 bed sized pillows, blanket and water bottle.
Cost $10 for CHAMBER MEMBERS: code VCC10

This Hot Deal is promoted by Vista Chamber of Commerce.