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The Veterans Writing Group

The Veterans Writing Group

Non Profit / Charity

About Us

The Veterans Writing Group of San Diego County is passionate about writing and improving the process needed to tell our stories. We are Military Veterans learning to write our story in our own words may it be fiction or not. Our books go to helping veterans to share and inspire others through their stories.

Now you can laugh, cry, and live out these experiences with us by reading our books: Listen Up! and Away for the Holidays.

Do you have a story to tell? We do!
A group of military veterans meet once a month in North County San Diego to share their lives and stories. ''Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always ringing true,'' but found nowhere else.

The Women Veterans’ Writing Group was founded to support the ideal that all voices matter. Our emphasis is on military women’s experiences, her stories, and her reality. The voices of military women can be marginalized and silenced by fear of ridicule and repercussions for having the courage to share our stories with the world. This group exists to provide a safe space for women to write about their experiences. Our goal is to provide a supportive and respectful environment to write without regret or embarrassment. Every woman’s voice is important.

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