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Education Committee

Diana Aaron
New Haven Youth & Family Services, Vice President of Philanthropy
Nicole Allard
Vista Unified School District, Executive Director of Educational Excel & Innov
Elise Ortegon
Vista Unified School District, Outreach Liason Teen Program
Susan Stuber
Vista Unified School District, Teacher, Grapevine Elementary
Jennifer Meeker
Bella Mente Montessori Academy, Executive Assistant & Human Resources Services
Angelina Harrington
Solutions for Change, Inc., Student Support Resource Coordinator
Gerardo Perez
San Diego PACE Vista , Director of Marketing & Enrollment
Camille Oder
San Diego PACE Vista , Marketing Manager
Chad Dawson
San Diego PACE Vista , PACE Center Manager
Larry Vaupel
City of Vista , Economic Development Director
Ashley Cork
Business Payroll Service, Business Development
Dara Rosen
Vista Unified School District, Internship Coordinator, MVHS
Mae Garlejo
Vista Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Development Coordinator
Anthony Beaver
Bella Mente Montessori Academy, Community Outreach Director
Sam Cabrera
Ideas Cabrera, Creative Director
Lauren Perez
Sae Kitchen Inc. , Kitchen Manager
Aaron Byzak
Galvanized Strategies, Chief Strategist & Lead Consultant
Jonathan Day
Adamo Security Group, Security Consultant