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BIPOC Support Foundation

BIPOC Support Foundation

Non Profit / Charity

About Us

Welcome to the BIPOC (acronym for Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Support Foundation!

We are a non-profit organization formed by business professionals and community leaders from different walks of life but with a common goal: to provide the necessary foundation on which to uplift and support diverse business owners, women+ leaders, and future community builders.

Mission Statement: BIPOC Support Foundation is committed to EMPOWERING the lives and communities of Black, Indigenous and Persons of Color, providing EQUITABLE resources for mentorship and economic support, and evolving EDUCATIONAL opportunities for all individuals, regardless of class, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability/disability status.

Vision Statement: BIPOC Support Foundation envisions a world where Black, Indigenous and Persons of Color co-exist equitably among their educated and decolonized non-BIPOC allies, rejoicing in the complexity of their shared humanity.

Values Statement: BIPOC Support Foundation values equity, empowerment, education, sustainability, mentorship, partnership, innovation, justice, and freedom.

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