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Brevian Energy

Brevian Energy

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We are committed to fighting the effects of climate change and aim to bring affordable, reliable, renewable power to homes, businesses, and communities throughout our city. Micro Grids powered by renewable energy sources are the ideal solution for bringing resilient energy access to communities.

Brevian Energy is working diligently to bring cleaner, cheaper energy to businesses and organizations in every possible location. With the rising energy costs and ever-increasing uncertainty, we see more and more organizations moving toward a microgrid where they can get cost predictability and power resiliency all in one solution. The overwhelming majority of the projects that we deploy are financed with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NO upfront costs to the customer, which means that organizations don’t have to spend ANY money upfront, save at least a 3rd on their electricity payments, and would be protected from random power outages. The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides additional incentives that can have as much as 60% of the project paid for through tax credits and incentives. This is a TOTAL win-win for all parties involved.

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